The most awaited and anticipated event of CORONA’17.
Yup folks College version of Roadies is back in its 8th consecutive season with more thrilling and adventurous rasks paving your way to the mammouth sum of money. So just get down and hld your breath to face the younger and more rowdier versions of RAGHU and RAJIV.
If you got d nerve to “DO THE HELL” !! Then prepare to face it as well……

   • Register yourself.
   • Fill up the application form. (BEWARE!! Just be the real you.)
   • Clear the nerve freezing interviews and the arena is yours….
   • Perform the daring tasks and pocket the Goodies and cash prizes.


For all those who are ready to shake a leg on the dance floor and drive the crowd crazier & frenzier by their ‘BAARATI THUMKA’ …… here’s an opportunity to put the dance floor on the fire and WIN!!!

Just make the crowd go yelling at the top of your voices for you…….. !!!!!

Gully Cricket

   • Maximum players per side is 5.
   • Maximum over per side is 5.
   • Knockout rule(once the team gets eliminated, re-entry not applicable)
   • Gully cricket is for all years.
   • Sixes are not allowed.
   • Umpire’s decision is last. No further arguments are allowed.
   • If any conflicts occurs, final decision will be of authority.
   • One drop one hand is out.
   • All the other rules of cricket are valid.

Paper Dance

Can you dance like no one is watching?

Do you dare to balance yourself on your toes and still be able to groove to the tantalizing music?

The rules are pretty simple. Form a team of two and come to the arena. Step on to a newspaper and dance!

But here’s the catch; keep your feet inside the boundaries of the paper!

What’s more, the paper will be folded into half as the dance proceeds. If you manage to stay on the paper till the end you get to win the prize.